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May 23, 2018

North Academy 2.0

Today we take the first steps toward North Academy version 2.0.

In March 2017 North Academy was established, with the mission to create first-team ready players. For the past year, the team has flourished and done just that - developed outstanding players, who have taken the step to the top level.

In North,  Daniel “mertz” Mertz has been promoted to the main team along with coach Alexander “ave” Holdt. Furthermore Nicklas “gade” Gade has been loaned out to OpTic, where he has proven himself on the highest level of play.

As of today the mission for North Academy changes, and we start the journey toward announcing North Academy 2.0. To explain what the new academy aims to do, we sat down with Director of Esport, Jonas “whimp” Svendsen:

What is the vision for North Academy?

“We want to build a new academy team based on our values: Discipline, Professionalism, Humility and Dedication. In that setup, the new North Academy coach becomes an integral part of that philosophy. He/she needs not only to be a superb analyst and leader - but also a mentor outside of the game. The academy players are typically slightly younger and we, as an organisation, have a big responsibility in their personal development outside the server. Therefore, the ability to provide mentorship is something we attribute a high value in our future coach. We have put in a lot of energy the past months to find a new coach, but we have yet to find the right one.“

What about b0RUP and acoR?

“We are ready to wait for the right coach who embraces our values and has the right skillset, but this is not ideal for b0RUP and acoR. Therefore we have decided to allow b0RUP and acoR to find new teams, because they deserve a new home where they can develop their skills even more. It has been a tough decision, because both Johannes and Frederik have been nothing short of amazing to work with. They’re both incredibly talented players, and we have come to know them both as great personalities as well.”

Statement from Frederik “acoR” Gyldenstrand:

“I have grown a lot as a player but also as a person during my time at North Academy. Of course there have been ups and downs, but I have developed my skills and I am happy with all the experiences the team and I have had - and that I’ve gotten to know so many new people. I hope that the North Academy will find a new coach soon and I’m grateful that b0RUP and I have been given the opportunity to find new teams.

This is just the start of my career and I am sure I will bounce back again. I want to thank North for giving me the chance and for all the people behind North for the great time we’ve had.”

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