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April 28, 2019

Marcuzo secures top-8 in the first ever FIFA eChampions League

North's FIFA star Marcus "Marcuzo" Jørgensen has secured a ticket to the final tournament at the first ever FIFA eChampions Legue.

Marcuzo was a part of a 64 player group stage where the world's best FIFA players fought for 8 spots for the finals tournament in Madrid on May 31st.

And here, North's star seeds, which last week won the eSuperliga, shot for a final place.

- I'm completely lost for words. I'm so glad that the hard work finally pays off. Earlier this month I was placed top-4 with the national team, I won the eSuperliga and now I've secured a spot in the final tournament of the eChampions League. I'm very happy, says Marcus "Marcuzo" Jørgensen.

- It has been a pleasure to have Agge on the sideline for this tournament. But there is no time to rest - because next week I go to Atlanta and play a big tournament before I head to Madrid for the eChampions League final, says Marcus "Marcuzo" Jørgensen.

During the tournament, which was held in Manchester, Marcuzo beat world number 1, nicolas99fc, before he defeated kossu72 from Finland in the last match for a top-8 position.

$180,000 prize pool

The eight players are to compete for a total prize pool of $ 180,000 on May 31 - the day before the Champions League final. The winner takes $ 100,000.


• In the weekend, 64 of the world's best FIFA players participated in the eChampions League group stage in Manchester

• Top-8 qualified for the eChampions League final, which will be held on May 31st.

• Marcuzo is, with his top-8 spot, already secured $15,000. The winner takes $100,000.

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