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September 27, 2018

New teammates: Interview with gade and cadiaN

We sat down with the two new players in North, Nicklas "gade" Gade and Casper "cadiaN" Møller who reflected on their new situation.

Interview with cadian

What is it like to get the chance to play for North?

I am honored to get the chance to play for such a professional organization as North is. I’ve been living alone, playing and grinding for one year in Las Vegas, now I am ready to take my game to the next level in Denmark. It is so nice that the team has a base in Telia Parken that we use as office space and pracc together.

How has it been to be a part of Rogue - taking the team through the Minor?

It has been hard work. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we proved ourselves in the Minor and in the Challengers Stage of the Major. For the past year, I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person and as a professional, and I am more than ready to develop even further at North.

Rogue has been my home for more than a year, and I have enjoyed the entire time being with them. They have done everything they could, to make me feel at comfortable, while being so far away from home. I’m very thankful for the chance that they gave me, and I wish them all the best in the future, that organization will always have a special place in my heart.

You been in Copenhagen for a couple of days now and spent some time with the team. What do you think about your new team mates?

I think the atmosphere is good and joyful, we have fun but we are also serious. We’ve already had a really nice session with a sport psychology consultant who has given us some tools to get going as a “new” team. And we’ve also learned that when we get back to the daily grind, frictions eventually will arise - so we need to keep talking and tackle the potential conflicts accordingly.

With that said, I feel that we have the right team composition to take North to the next level.

What is your expectations for the coming months?

It is so difficult to talk about expectations. I do not want to put unrealistic expectations on our shoulders and announce that we’ll go for top-5 in the world within three months, even though we play in the North jersey. The long term expectation, though, is to play be the best in the world - that is obvious.  

The journey is important and the most important part is that we continuously improve.

Interview with gade

What is it like to be back in North - and to get the chance on the first team?

It is really great! I know the organization from my time in North Academy and it is nice to be back. I want to thank my former teammates in OpTic and everyone behind the organization   - I have really learned a lot during my time there. Since I joined North Academy it has been a dream of mine to play on the first team - now I really want to prove, that I deserve to stay here.

What have you learned on your loan spell at OpTic?

Moving to another country, then back, getting to know different team mates and adapting to different play styles can be psychologically hard and tax on your mental health. But in retrospect I really feel that I am more confident with myself, both in and out of the game.

Do you think you can develop even further?

Yes. Yes I do, definitely. My career has been relatively short, but I’ve already experienced a lot. I am humbled by getting the opportunity to play for North and I am eager to get back into the game and just grind and work hard.  

You been playing under different leaders for a short period of time now. How do you rate cadiaN?

Casper is such a nice guy, and the two of us have actually known eachother since early days. He is so easy to talk to, down to earth - and even funny which really important in a team, but at the same time he is really serious and knowledgeable about the game. I guess we’ve all seen the clip from the Major-qualification where he shows his feels and passion for the game, which is something I really admire. Right now we are living together in an apartment in Copenhagen so we have really gotten to learn each other quite quickly.

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