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September 2, 2018

North wins DreamHack Masters!

Going into the Swedish event, we had added Nikolaj "niko" Kristensen as the new fifth and moved Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen to a hybrid AWP-role. The event kicked off with a match against TyLoo, which was defeated 16-7.

In the winner's match of Group A, we faced Astralis in a BO3. Despite the tough opponent, we managed to see them off in an exciting 2-1 victory.

Taking down Natus Vincere

With the group victory in hand, we were given a tough draw in the quarterfinal where Natus Vincere, the 2nd seeded team, waited. In a show of force, we crushed them 2-0 in two swift maps.

The semifinal was another story as Mousesports waited. The first map was Dust 2 where we never got a foot down and lost 0-16. On Inferno and Mirage however we showed that we were the better team, closing it out 2-1 in the end.

Rematch versus Astralis

The Grand Final was a rematch versus Astralis, where they picked Dust 2 right into us. This time however we were in the driving seat and took down the map 16-1. The momentum didn't carry over into Train, but with a heroic performance we managed to close the Grand Final out 2-1 on Overpass!


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