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May 26, 2018

Welcome to North.gg!

Hello World.

It's a day for change, as we launch our new website today and change the URL at the same time. So, first of all, welcome to North.gg.

Developed by our good friends from Nordimark, the new website aims to be a one-stop for all North fans to find information about the team, players and events. Do you want to know what setup Philip "aizy" Aistrup plays with? Or download his .cfg? No problem, you can find it right here.

Or what about figuring out what our event calendar looks like for the next two months? Not a problem either, just check out our event-page, and see what tournaments are coming up and what our status are in them.

Telling the North story

With the launch of the new website you can also expect to see more stories from North, tips and tricks from the players and exclusive interviews.

Digital Marketing Manager in North, Phillip Rasmussen, believes that the new website will allow the fans to get even closer to the players:

In North we are committed to bring our players closer to the fans. Whether that is through live events and activations or our documentary "ROAR", we want our supporters to get that unique look into our day to day life. Our new website will give us more possibilities to expand our storytelling, and hopefully create more opportunities to get that peek behind the curtain.

Made with fans

In our development we have utlized input from fans about what kind of information they are looking for, and we are grateful for the time they have spent helping us. If you feel like we have missed something, make sure to shoot us a tweet or send us a message on Facebook.

Happy browsing!

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