Copenhagen, July 10th 2020

Since leaving in May, Kjaerbye has spent his time revitalizing his health. North has aided him in any way it could.    

Kjaerbye and North have decided to part ways.    

“It is with heavy heart, that we say goodbye to Kjaerbye. He is, at his best, not only one of the best
in the world, but also a great teammate and an inspiring colleague.”
Christian Engell, Performance Manager, North

Kjaerbye's focus has been on figuring out what is best for him and what could be the solution.  

“I’ve been really happy at North, but it has also been a bumpy road with many changes, and I feel that this break has made me see more clearly. Currently, I still need some time, but I know I’m far from done with CS. This is what I know, and I look forward to my next adventure.” Markus Kjærbye

North have been in close contact with Kjaerbye over the past two months. The decision to part ways was made after thorough discussions between North Management and Kjaerbye and his representatives.   

“We feel a tremendous amount of responsibility towards young players. We have had a close dialogue with Kjaerbye throughout the process and together we decided that the best we could do was to help him transition to his next endeavor. We will miss him but hope to see him on the big stage again soon. The Kjaerbye case has also made us look hard at how we can make the environment for the players even better” 

North is committed to Counter-Strike and will always strive towards greatness.  

“Although we are not where we want to be in CS, we start to see great improvements and we feel we have the core in place with the sports management and players that will reignite the ambition and put North back where the organisation belongs”. Christopher Håkonsson, CEO, North

North contact 
Alexander Mørch Pedersen