September 4th 2020

North Esports reveal a new talent development plan to ensure the healthy development of new talents
and to rebuild competitive edge • AGF Esport first partner club • Kristou signs for North; loaned back to AGF Esport.

Today North Esports announces a new long-term Talent Development strategy aiming to develop new players healthily. North Esports intends to build a sustainable Talent Development model, giving some of the biggest Scandinavian talents a healthier path into the professional scene.

Kristou signed – and loaned back to AGF Esport
North Esports partners up with AGF Esports and signs Kristoffer "Kristou" Aamand, who is loaned back to the organization.  North Esports aims to partner up with several ambitious Nordic esports organizations to help young players develop and prevent burnout of seasoned players.

"It is very demanding to be a professional esports athlete. You are under the constant pressure of performing; from your fans, your team, your partners – and most importantly, yourself. The players travel a lot and are expected to practice a lot in between tournaments. The players need more tools to cope with that pressure. Our new Talent Development Strategy is one tool in that toolbox,"says Christian Engell, North Performance Coach.

Stand-in when breaks are needed
North Esports has made a development plan with AGF Esport, that Kristou will follow during his loan period. Kristou, as well as CS:GO Coach for AGF, Rasmus "FaagaN" Thomsen will continuously be in contact with North coach, Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson, to ensure the development and progress for Kristou.

As required, Kristou will practice with North and sometimes stand-in for the first team when breaks are needed.    

"When we initially took Kristou into the team, we based the decision on the raw mechanics and mental aspects of the game, both of which showed high levels for a young player who had yet to play top tier CS. Within 2 weeks of his loan, we recognized the groundwork put in by AGF Esport and initiated a clause in the loan agreement that allowed us to buyout the player permanently at the end of the loan period,"says Head of Esports Operations, Graham Pitt.  

“As part of the buyout, we negotiated with both Kristou and AGF to secure his return on loan to continue his development as a starting member of their roster, whilst also finishing his final year of education. He will continue to receive full support and coaching from the North staff, and where appropriate will also be brought back for practice sessions to monitor his progress, simultaneously providing members the starting roster time to rest during the season,” Pitt says.

"We will not directly be operating a 6 man roster during this period. A big takeaway from the first half of 2020 was recognising the need to reduce the load on our players. Our new setup with AGF will allow us to develop talent in a way that ensures all players can be playing regularly, ensure a gradual introduction to the professional life for Kristou, and we make sure that all players can recharge during the season,"says Graham Pitt.  

The aim, he says, is that the new talents, in time, will develop into first-team candidates. Not only will North have access to great players of an ambitious club, but also do practice sessions with specific focal points with the first team of AGF Esport.  

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