January 19th 2021

Today North Esports announce that the Swedish CS:GO talent Denis “grux” Gutaj is signed as a full member of the CS:GO roster.  

With the new signing, North continues its Nordic talent strategy launched in September 2020.
A talent strategy that was further built upon in November.
The 21-year-old Swede joins the line-up after a successful extended trial period. Grux has played on a number of teams at the fringes of the elite while developing and is now ready to take the next step in his career with North.

"After trialling a number of players, I am extremely happy to welcome Denis "grux" Gutaj to North. Denis is a player who our scouting and development tool highlighted as having the right in-game characteristics for the type of role we needed, highlighted during an extended trial with the team where he impressed," says Head of Esports Operations Graham Pitt.  

"Certainly, it showed a player who has not performed to his full potential in his previous teams and has a lot more to give in the right environment. Denis comes in with a lot of hunger and the desire to improve every day, something that will help drive the team forward," says Pitt.

CS:GO coach Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson is happy with the new signing.

"I've studied him for some time. As he seemed very promising, we reached out and had him try to practice with us. Right away, it was evident that he has a lot of skill, but, at the same time, also is far from reaching his ceiling," says Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson.

Denis “grux” Gutaj says he feels "honored and excited to play with the North players,":  

"The guys in the team have been super nice to me from the beginning. It feels like I have a voice in the team and that I can bring something to the table," says Denis "Grux" Gutaj.  "I learn my stuff quickly and adapt to stuff fast.

Playing in this team will help me stay consistent and learn new things, and I'm motivated more than ever to play. I believe in our future and the game style we will bring on our matches," says Denis "grux" Gutaj.  

Grux' first tournament with North will be EDC on February 12th.