How North is powered by our partners

In North we believe that all partnerships should have strategic benefits for the brand, the partner and the leagues we play in if possible. We work strategically with brands such as Capgemini, Pinnacle, Sennheiser and Red Bull to help create opportunities that goes both ways.

If you are interested in learning more about the way we work with sponsors, don't hesitate to contact us for a chat or a call. We are always open to new conversations, and we love to find ways to implement both new and existing esports sponsors with our players and brand.


GG.Bet is North’s main sponsor and principal title sponsor. As one of the world’s biggest dedicated esport bookmakers, GG.Bet provides the best betting experience on the market. Through the user-friendly interface, you can bet real money on esport games, both pre-match and LIVE.

Through a shared vision it is North and GG.Bet’s goal to engage the fans in the team’s everyday life. As part of the sponsorship, GG.Bet is presenting a 12 part documentary about North, “ROAR”, which is published every month on North’s YouTube channel.


Capgemini is in the forefront of innovation and the business application of technology and believes that the interplay between technology and humans create better businesses and a better world.

Beyond the technological and innovation dimension that unites the world of Capgemini and the world of esports, the partnership with the North is based on the sharing of common values such as boldness, team spirit and fun.

Capgemini will, together with North, spearhead several initiatives and events for employees and partners to promote esports and attract future employees.


Pinnacle is a respected industry leader with over 20 years experience in online betting. With an established reputation for always offering the best value and an unrivalled betting experience, Pinnacle took its first esports bet back in 2010 and has been committed to the development of the sport ever since.
Pinnacle and North have joined forces in a serious partnership that will see the online bookmaker feature on the team’s jerseys, with both parties working on content collaboration throughout the sponsorship period.


World class audio is pivotal for esport athletes to perform. With decades of experience, Sennheiser was the obvious choice for North as audio partner. Shaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for customers – this aim unites Sennheiser employees and partners worldwide.

Sennheiser has always been heavily invested into gaming, providing world class products. Sennheiser is specialized in - among others - headsets for gaming and mobile devices. But also in wireless and wired headsets and speakerphones for contact centers, offices and Unified Communications environment.

Shark Gaming

Shark Gaming produces some of the wildest hardware setups on the market. Shark Gaming continually pushes the boundaries of performance and what is possible within pc setups.

Shark Gaming was founded in 2009, and over a decade later, is one of the most prominent players on the Nordic market with +20 employees.
Shark Gaming delivers all gaming pcs for the North esport pros and sends care packages whenever they need upgrades which ensures that the North esport athletes has the best equipment available at all time.

We are Nations

As part of the partnership, We are Nations are embedded in both on- and off-screen activations with North. Whether that be in the walk-on uniform, by showcasing sleek new sneaks on the players' personal Instagram accounts or by outfitting them for their time off at home.
We Are Nations is a specialist esports consumer products and retail company with locations based in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia with additional distribution partners around the world.

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