How North is powered by our partners

In North we believe that all partnerships should have strategic benefits for the brand, the partner and the leagues we play in if possible. We work strategically with brands such as GG.Bet, SteelSeries, Adidas and Capgemini to help create opportunities that goes both ways.

If you are interested in learning more about the way we work with sponsors, don't hesitate to contact us for a chat or a call. We are always open to new conversations, and we love to find ways to implement both new and existing esports sponsors with our players and brand.


GG.Bet is North’s main sponsor and principal title sponsor. As one of the world’s biggest dedicated esport bookmakers, GG.Bet provides the best betting experience on the market. Through the user-friendly interface, you can bet real money on esport games, both pre-match and LIVE.

Through a shared vision it is North and GG.Bet’s goal to engage the fans in the team’s everyday life. As part of the sponsorship, GG.Bet is presenting a 12 part documentary about North, “ROAR”, which is published every month on North’s YouTube channel.


adidas is one of the biggest fashion and sport brands in the world, and is North’s official jersey- and merchandise-sponsor. Made in collaboration with adidas, the North jersey embodies the shared values of both brands.

With adidas as our partner, North continues to push the boundaries of clothing and merchandise in esports. Check out our full merchandise line on the webshop.
As part of the partnership, adidas are embedded in both on- and off-screen activations with North. Whether that be in the walk-on uniform, by showcasing sleek new sneaks on the players' personal Instagram accounts or by outfitting them for their time off at home.


As the original esports peripheral company and with a strong Danish heritage, SteelSeries is a partner with a unique tie-in to North.

With offices only a few kilometers apart in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are able to create unique opportunities for the players to be early adopters of SteelSeries tech, and at the same time provide input to the products SteelSeries create.
Working closely with SteelSeries allows us to influence the development of the next generation of peripherals, and we already got a mouse-project on the rails.

You can see a few snippets of Project Radical over on SteelSeries' YouTube.

If you want to read more about SteelSeries x North, take the jump to their page.


Capgemini is in the forefront of innovation and the business application of technology and believes that the interplay between technology and humans create better businesses and a better world.

Beyond the technological and innovation dimension that unites the world of Capgemini and the world of esports, the partnership with the North is based on the sharing of common values such as boldness, team spirit and fun.

Capgemini will, together with North, spearhead several initiatives and events for employees and partners to promote esports and attract future employees.

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